Data Driven

Unique datasets based on years of research and analysis which can be exploited for solving today and tomorrow’s environmental challenges.

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A pedigree of ground breaking innovation in modelling and data analysis supporting European and International best practices

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Real World

We have a solid record of translating research into pragmatic, sustainable business solutions on a global level.

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Why Choose Us

We have unique experience in developing approved European tools and data sets and using these to deliver robust studies for our clients.
A multilingual international team of experts devoted to your company’s needs with an appreciation for all things sustainable and eco-conscious in aviation.
Staff and associates with many decades of experience, we have proven ability to meet deadlines for both government and private sector contracts.
our business model is to mix being involved in leading edge research and at the same time offer consulting services
We have proved and can demonstrate that good environmental practice is ALWAYS good for the bottom line! ……….. And that good business is often good for environmental sustainability.

Our Clients and Partners