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Environment & Sustainable Aviation

Established in 2004, Envisa is an environmental consulting company specialised in sustainable aviation.

Our experts are widely recognized at national and international levels for their proficiency and expertise in issues linked to the aviation sector, as evidenced by our references in institutional, private, industrial and airport contexts.

Our main focus areas are local air quality, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, noise & energy management.

However, our services also cover other sustainability issues. These include notably waste, waste water & biodiversity management.

To Envisa, responsible environmental stewardship is not only a fundamental part of doing business, it the very core of our company.

Who are we?

With our dedicated team of experts, our mission is to support aviation stakeholders to maximise your ability to meet international standards, comply with evolving regulations, and reach worldwide competitiveness.
As one of the world's most cutting edge companies in aviation and environment, Envisa believes that responsible environmental stewardship is not only a fundamental part of doing business, it is the very core of our company.
Envisa is striving to create rewarding and positive experiences to every Client, every day.
Envisa has been actively involved for more than 14 years in the working groups of the ICAO Committee for Aviation Environmental Protection (CAEP); this allows us to keep up to date on the latest developments in aviation.


"L'Aéroport Brest Bretagne est très satisfait du travail réalisé et de l'accompagnement sérieux dispensé tout au long du processus d'obtention de notre niveau 1."
Mélanie Vilerio, Qualité Securité Environnement, Aéroport de Brest Bretagne
"Professional & Deadline respect."
Rula Dawood, Head of Environment, Health and Safety, Airport International Group
"Really good support until the certification. Trustworthy partner"
Sébastien Lacoin, Advisor to CTO, VINCI Airports
"Mrs. Emilia SUOMALAINEN possesses high professionalism w/ a solid foundation of expertise knowledge. She also has good personality to quickly and fully respond to our consultaion. We're deeply thankful to her for obtaining ACA accreditation!"
Akihiro Ban, Assistant to Director, Kansaï Airports
"Envisa supported the data collection procedure for creating a carbon footprint that had not been organized so far. Thank you so much!"
Kazuyuki Shibuya, Environment, Kansaï Airports