Envisa has participated in many projects, and published severals articles. Here is an overview of some of our latest publications.

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First-timers'guide to Airport Carbon Accreditation

New to the Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) scheme?
Here is a list of the 10 basic steps, which will clarify how to get your first-time accreditation.

Article Author:
Emilia Suomalainen, Technical Director, Envisa

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Airport local air quality: Problem or opportunity?

Air pollution is one of the leading environmental causes of premature death in the EU. It is believed that over 400,000 premature deaths in the EU per year occur because of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases as well as cancer that are directly linked to poor air quality. Such impacts constitute a real loss for Europe in terms of natural systems, agriculture, workforce productivity and of course citizen well-being.

Article Author:
Stavros Stromatas, Scientific Director, Envisa

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Envisa latest brochure

Take a look on our latest brochure. You will find Envisa projects and some of our references.

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Brochure 2016

European Aviation Environmental Report 2016

European Aviation Environmental Report 2016

Envisa supported the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), the European Environment Agency (EEA) and EUROCONTROL to prepare the European Aviation Environmental Report 2016.

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Aircraft Metal Recycling: Process Challenges & Opportunities

Until recently, end-of-life aircraft usually ended up in desert-based boneyards around the globe. However, the situation is slowly but surely changing as an increasing number of companies are becoming active in aircraft dismantling and recycling.

Article Authors:
Ayce Celikel, President, Envisa
Emilia Suomalainen, Technical Director, Envisa
Pierre Vénuat, Project Manager, Bartin Recycling Group (Véolia)

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Aircraft Metals Recycling


N0x Emission Model of Turbofan Engine

The TURBOGAS emission model was developed for assessment aircraft engine emissions with taking into account of the influence of the operational and meteorological conditions for to calculate precisely aircraft emission inventory, sanitary-hygienic zone around the airport and provide the environmental sustainability.

Article Authors:
Nicolas Duchêne, Aviation Environmental Consultant Partner, Envisa
Kateryna Synilo, Corresponding Author, Institute of Environment Safety, National Aviation University.

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