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What we offer

Envisa is one of the very few companies that focuses wholly & fully on understanding the environmental impacts of the Aviation sector.

One of Envisa’s main missions is to bridge environmental performance and cost effectiveness in the transport industry, specifically in the aviation ecosystem.

Our goal is to help airports and all the aviation stakeholders find cost-effective solutions to managing their business in a sustainable way.

We propose to our Partners & Customers different kinds of services:

  • Conducting audits on environmental topics;
  • Offering Preliminary Sustainability Reviews;
  • Elaborating & implementing energy management plans;
  • Developping GHG & pollutants emissions reduction plans;
  • Elaborating targeted communication strategies ;
  • Providing innovative tools adapted to airports;
  • Delivering of learning sessions on environmental issues;
  • Proposing eLearning solutions to transform the organization culture.


Envisa is partner Verifavia, an independent accredited environmental verification, certification and auditing body for aviation, recognized by WSP Environment & Energy, the administrator of the Airport Carbon Accreditation programme.

We offer independent verification and auditing services in several key areas: Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, Airport Carbon Accreditation, EU Emissions Trading Schemes.


Envisa’s independence and integrity allow us to offer high-value consulting services to all the aviation stakeholders.

Among others, we propose to review the current situation of an airport to provide our Preliminary Sustainability Review. We also offer support to our customers in their communication strategies to address sustainability issues & engage with all stakeholders.


Envisa provided different training sessions to air industry professionnals such as, airport high level managers and executives, environmental managers from different institutions and so on.

Trainin courses could include Envisa HQ class room training, on-site class room training & e-learning training solutions.


Envisa also propose to its customers innovative tools adapted to the needs of individual airports, and aviation professionals.

We also participate in the development of international guidance and tools to notably support Airport Local Air Quality Studies.

Key competencies

  • Environmental management systems and life cycle analysis
  • Environmental engineering and sustainable development
  • Development of innovative techniques for environmental impact assessment in the aviation sector
  • Environmental studies in air pollution, noise & emissions

  • Aviation policy development, regulation and research at National, European, and International level.
  • Technical and modelling aspects of aviation emissions policy and regulation
  • Support to government and industry programs in aviation noise, and emissions mitigation
  • Emissions Trading Scheme audits for aviation commercial operators in Europe & North Africa Aerospace strategy and environmental policy

  • Studies in Energy Management
  • Optimizing Air Traffic Management operations to be more efficient and less noisy
  • Research & Analysis on air quality and dispersion modelling