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  • +350 Airports worldwide with
    ACA Accreditation

    More than 350 airports have taken part in the Airport Carbon Accreditation program and got their certification. 66 airports globally are at Level 3 ‘Optimisation’. Carbon neutrality (Level 3+) has been achieved by 59 programme participants. For more information about this program and why airports should be part of it, please visit our Solutions page about ACA.

  • 92% Aircraft parts reused at End of Life
    According to the companies in charge of dismantling aircraft (represented by AFRA ) and recovering the parts for recycling or reuse, 92% of the total weight of an aircraft can be recovered.

  • -8% Reduction in Average Fuel Consumption
    for commercial flights
    According to the EASA Annual Report, the average fuel consumption of commercial flights decreased by 8% since 2014, and 24% since 2005. These numbers take into account all departures from the European Union and European Free Trade Association.

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    International Outlook

    Envisa is an international

    Envisa is an international consultancy, working on projects
    around the world. We are based in Paris, but have an
    international outlook and we are totally independent. We
    are specialising uniquely in environmental and
    sustainability aspects of aviation and the relationship with
    local and global communities.

    European Institutions

    Trusted More Than
    15 Years

    Envisa has been trusted over a period of more than 15 years to
    support major European institutions, such as EUROCONTROL,
    EASA and the European Commission to conduct strategic
    studies, develop tools and datasets, and generate performance
    indicators at both European and global levels. Our goal is to help
    airports and all aviation stakeholders find cost-effective
    solutions to managing and growing their businesses, whilst
    respecting the environment.

    Local And Global Levels

    Individual Expertise
    and Corporate

    Envisa offers a wide range of individual expertise and
    corporate knowledge to deliver sustainable solutions at
    both local and global levels. World Class best practice is
    delivered around the world, working with local partners
    that have been fully trained and supported with our
    extensive Corporate Knowledge.


    Airport Carbon Management

    Reductions in carbon
    emissions through

    The ACI internationally
    recognised and
    independently verified
    ACA label shows that an
    airport is serious about
    working towards the
    Industry goal of Carbon

    Innovative Analysis

    Analysing operations
    data at any scale.

    Technology that
    visualises model
    predictions and
    simulations, and
    analyses trajectories in a
    revolutionary way.

    Community Impact

    Community Impact.

    More than ever,
    aviation’s growth and
    development is sensitive
    to how airports’
    communities perceive
    them and the quality of
    their relationship.

    Pollutant Monitoring

    Pollutant Sources.

    Take control of
    Performance. Mobile
    technology that makes
    sense of big data.

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    Where experts and news on
    environmental and aviation
    matters find their place.

    Our Team

    All our staff, both those based in
    Paris and our network of
    associates around the world, are
    widely recognised at national and
    international levels for their
    competence and knowledge in all
    issues linked to the aviation
    sector, as evidenced by our
    diverse references from airports,
    institutional actors and private
    sector entities.


    Trusted by

    We work with aviation
    stakeholders that believe
    environment makes a difference.


    We collaborate with ambitious
    institutions and people

    Let’s work together.

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