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More than ever, the public, governments and industry stakeholders agree on the importance of reducing pollution and the environmental impact of anthropogenic activities. 

Aviation industry

The aviation industry is no exception to understanding the importance of reducing pollution and the environmental impact, and takes its responsibilities seriously. Climate change, air pollution and noise annoyance are high on the agenda of aviation stakeholders.

As a high growth industry contributing to the global economy, the aviation sector must be seen to be taking every possible action to mitigate its environmental impacts, if it is to continue its growth without constraints.


Our Solutions

Airport Carbon Accreditation

Following the Paris Agreement in 2015 and the International Civil Aviation Organisations (ICAO) deal to curb aviation emissions…

Local Air Quality Management

Faced with the growing concerns of the public related to pollutant emissions and related health issues, the aviation sector, and in particular airports…

Noise Management

Aircraft noise is the foremost concern of local communities located close to airports. The management of noise annoyance issues is one of the most important tasks for an airport…

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Aviation is accountable for around 3% of the total annual greenhouse gases emissions from human activities…

Environmental Management Systems

A systematic approach to managing environmental impact from aviation can create a robust framework for building success over the long term …

Biodiversity And Wildlife Management

The management of wildlife on and near airport is not usually an easily solved problem as wildlife is attracted to the vast open airport land in search of water, shelter and food…

Waste Management

When waste originates from countries with different policies and regulations , there is a risk of introduction of plant pests, diseases and other contaminants 

Community Engagement

Airports are where the aviation business has it’s most visible connection and impact on the world’s population. Engaging with communities in the vicinity of airports is a key aspect of good environmental stewardship … 

Climate Change Adaptation

The changing climate will have implications upon the aviation sector over the medium and long term. The air transport sector is particularly vulnerable and sensitive….

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