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Airport Carbon

Following the Paris Agreement in 2015 and the International Civil Aviation Organisation’s (ICAO) commitment to curb aviation emissions, it is now essential that airports clearly demonstrate their commitment and take concrete, visible action to improve their energy management and reduce emissions.



The Voluntary ACA
Program, created by
Airport Council
International (ACI)ab-icon

The aviation industry is no exception to understanding the importance of reducing pollution and the environmental impact, and takes its responsibilities seriously. Climate change, air pollution and noise annoyance are high on the agenda of aviation stakeholders. As a high growth industry contributing to the global economy, the aviation sector must be seen to be taking every possible action to mitigate its environmental impacts, if it is to continue its growth without constraints.


Envisa can help airports organise, plan and
prepare for accreditation. We have a highly
experienced team of multidisciplinary
environmental consultants and project
managers who have been working in the
aviation industry for many years.

From defining the organisational boundaries of the study,to computing the carbon dioxide emissions from all sources, our team has accompanied many airports around
the world with the accreditation process at all levels, from Mapping (Level 1) to Transition  (Level 4+).

We collaborate with ambitious
institutions and people

Let’s work together.

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