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ENVISA solutions environnementales pour l'aviation


Créée à Paris en 2004, Envisa est une société de conseil qui travaille exclusivement sur le développement de solutions pour la croissance durable de l’aviation.


Envisa est l’une des rares entreprises à se concentrer entièrement sur la compréhension des impacts environnementaux de l’aviation. De nombreux aéroports du monde entier, ainsi que les principales institutions européennes de l’aviation, telles qu’EUROCONTROL, l’AESA et la Commission Européenne, lui ont fait confiance pour mener des études stratégiques, développer des outils, des ensembles de données et contribuer à l’élaboration d’indicateurs de performance aux niveaux européen et international.


Envisa’s mission is to provide customised services and solutions

for sustainable aviation and improve our clients energy efficiency, strengthen their public image and increase their profits in a sustainable way. As a World Business Partner of ACI Europe, our goal is to help airports and all the aviation stakeholders find cost-effective solutions to managing and growing their businesses in an environmentally friendly way.


Envisa’s expertise covers the evaluation and mitigation …

Envisas expertise covers the evaluation and mitigation of the environmental impacts of airport noise, local air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. However, other sustainability issues such as waste and wastewater management and biodiversity are covered as well. Our core proficiency lies in sustainability reviews and environmental impact assessments, including the development of innovative methods and tools to increase efficiency and robustness.

Our experts are widely recognised at national and international levels for their competence and knowledge in all issues linked to the aviation sector, as evidenced by our diverse references from airports, institutional actors, private sector entities and other collaborators.

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